Cactus V6 Triggers

The main purpose of the shoot was to practice using off camera flash with a Cactus RF60, Canon 640EX-RT and a couple of Cactus V6 triggers. The location was fantastic and it already had great soft light entering from some very large windows. This allowed my ISO to stay between 200-400. The stairs were a different story. Very small amount of natural light so the ISO was pushed to 1600.

All images were shot using the Fuji 18mm or Fuji 23mm at F2. Shutter speed was varied between 1/60 and 1/180.

Off Camera Flash Cactus V6 Triggers Off Camera Flash Cactus V6 Triggers Bristol Fujifilm x-t1 Off Camera Flash Cactus V6 Triggers Helen Diaz

During the 3hrs session I took over 300 images with no issues with batteries, flashes not firing. The Cactus triggers didn't miss a beat and I just love that I can change the flash power settings from the trigger on the camera.

Gear used Fuji X-T1, 18mm F2, 35mm F1.4, Canon 640 EX-RT, Cactus RF60, 2x Cactus V6 Triggers, 2 x softboxes, 2 x stands. I also took a Canon EOS M with a 22mm lens as a backup.

Model: Helen Diaz