Canon G7 X Mark II

After many years service as my carry around camera I decide to replace my aging Canon S95 which something newer.

As I was already a Fuji owner with the XT-1 I decide to go for the Fuji X70. I've been using the camera since February as my carry around and as a backup camera for photo shoots.

Unfortunately I couldn't get used to it. As a carry around camera the fixed lens at 28mm was restricting and for photo shoots the 28mm was a bit too wide for my liking. It's a pity as I really liked the weight and feel of the camera and obviously the image quality was fantastic.

I have now traded in the Fuji X70 for a Canon G7 X Mark II which will now be my carry around camera and so far I really liking the size and build quality.

However what is a bit disappointing is the image quality. I know it wasn't going to be as good as the Fuji 70, but I was hoping for better than my partners Fuji X30.

The G7 X Mark II image are nosier at the same ISO, not as sharp and the skin is bit waxy compared to the X30.

The image quality concerns are only noticeable at 100% so not too worried as the camera is for general travel and family photos.

Both of the above images were taken with the Canon G7 X Mark II

Bristol Personal Trainer Das

Dasos is a personal trainer in Bristol and recently lunched an on-line service offering training and nutrition advice and wanted some profile images for the site.
We kept the lighting simple with a gray seamless background.
If you get time check out his web site at Mitsis Fitness

Camera: Fujifilm X-T1
Lens: 35mm F1.4
Flashes: Bowens Gemini 500's

Empty Bungalow with Helen

I managed to get access to an undecorated bungalow and arranged to work with Helen and Tim again as we all get on very well together. 
As per normal the theme was on the darker / moody side for the book cover market. As it's winter in the UK the bungalow was very dark inside so we used a number of Bowens Gemini flashes.

Model: Helen Diaz
Camera: Fujifilm X-T1
Lens: 18mm F2, 23mm F1.4
Flashes: Bowens Gemini 500's

Bristol Photo Shoot With PJ

I finally found time to work with local male model PJ. I've not worked with many male models before so I was really looking forward to this shoot.I also took the opportunity to shoot some video's with the DJI Osmo with can be found on my You Tube channel. The video's are straight from the camera without any editing.

paul1 paul2

Model: PJ Camera: Fujifilm X-T1 Lens: 18mm F2.0, 35mm F1.4, 50-140mm F2.8

Steampunk and Warrior Composite Work

For various reasons I haven't done much composite work this year so following on from the cirrus themed shoot we changed the studio back to a gray seamless background so Savra could easily be cut out for composite work. We shoot 3 themes - Steampunk, Warrior and White Queen. I am still working on the White Queen images, so will post them at a later date. Will also post some before and after examples within the next couple of weeks. steampunk

Model: Savra Camera: Fujifilm X-T1 Len: 35mm F1.4 Flashes: Bowen's Gemmie 500's



This was an unusual shoot for me as it was in the model house which I've never been to before so didn't know what to expect. Also it was a very overcast day with light levels in the house falling very quickly as the afternoon progressed. Being a lazy photographer I tried some natural light stuff first, but in the end I had to use flash for most of the session. Hannah3 hannah Hannah

Model: Hannah Camera: Fujifilm X-T1 Lens: 18 F2, 23 F1.4, 35 F1.4 Flashes: Cactus RF600 , Canon 600EX-RT Triggers: Cactus V6 Wireless Triggers

The Dark Circus Part 1

I've been planning a Dark Circus theme photo shoot for the last 6 months which also involved building a set which took a lot longer than I originally planned. Circus set-up

The original plan was to create a dark circus themed shoot with a female model against the wheel of death and a male model throwing the knives, however once the board was put into place during a test run it became very clear there wasn't going to be enough room to shoot both models at the same time.

Dark Cicus

Camera: Fujifilm X-T1, 35mm F1.4

Model: Savra

Urban Ballerina Shoot - Bristol

I been wanting to do an urban ballerina shoot for a very long time and luckily I found a local model (Sandra) who was willing to meet very early on a Saturday morning and perform a number of ballet poses in the back streets of Bristol. I am really pleased with the results and hopefully will shoot more urban ballerina themed shoots in the future,so let me know if you are a ballerina / dancer and are interested in a shoot. Urban Ballerina Shoot - Bristol


Urban Ballerina Shoot - Bristol


Gear used Fujifilm X-T1, 18mm F2, 35mm F1.4 & 55-140mm F2.8

Cactus V6 Triggers

The main purpose of the shoot was to practice using off camera flash with a Cactus RF60, Canon 640EX-RT and a couple of Cactus V6 triggers. The location was fantastic and it already had great soft light entering from some very large windows. This allowed my ISO to stay between 200-400. The stairs were a different story. Very small amount of natural light so the ISO was pushed to 1600.

All images were shot using the Fuji 18mm or Fuji 23mm at F2. Shutter speed was varied between 1/60 and 1/180.

Off Camera Flash Cactus V6 Triggers Off Camera Flash Cactus V6 Triggers Bristol Fujifilm x-t1 Off Camera Flash Cactus V6 Triggers Helen Diaz

During the 3hrs session I took over 300 images with no issues with batteries, flashes not firing. The Cactus triggers didn't miss a beat and I just love that I can change the flash power settings from the trigger on the camera.

Gear used Fuji X-T1, 18mm F2, 35mm F1.4, Canon 640 EX-RT, Cactus RF60, 2x Cactus V6 Triggers, 2 x softboxes, 2 x stands. I also took a Canon EOS M with a 22mm lens as a backup.

Model: Helen Diaz

New Food Lighting Setup

I recently found a great food photography site called We Eat Together with details of a lighting setup to make strobe lighting look like natural light. Luckily I had all the kit required so on my next food shoot I tried the setup and here are the results. Food Photography using a new lighting setup Soft boiled eggs with pancetta wrapped toast and pistachio cake with slow roasted rhubarb.

Equipment : Fuji X-T1, Fuji 60mm and 1 x Bowens Gemini 500 The lighting set up used can be found here: We Eat Together

Kings Weston House Shoot

One of my goals for this year is to get out of the studio and shoot more location work, so I arranged access to Kings Weston House and invited my good friend Tim, booked the very talented Helen Diaz as our model and hired costumes from Stage Style Costumes. On the day of the shoot it was very wet and dark, so I packed a couple of Bowens studio lights, a Canon 600EX-RT and a couple of Cactus triggers. However I am a very lazy photographer and only used the Canon 600EX-RT when the light was really poor. I really should of used the Bowens from the beginning of the shoot. Lesson learned, don't be lazy....



All images were taken with the Fuji X-T1, 35 F1.4 and the 16-55 F2.8-F4 for the wider shoots. Next up is my day trip to Burnham on Sea with the 50-140 F2.8.

Bristol Location Shoot with Marie

We met up with Marie on a sunny, but cold Sunday morning to shoot a mixture of images for book covers and for her portfolio.I traveled very light with only the Fuji X-T1 and the 35mm F1.4 (53mm). I think I need a couple more options for this type of work so I am thinking about purchasing something a bit wider. Maybe the new 16mm F1.4 or save a few pounds and purchase a second hand 18mm F2.0.

Marie1 Marie2